Sponsoring offers you the perfect opportunity to meet with potential clients in a dedicated setting allowing you to find out what the YPF, ENAP, Axion and Shell CAPSA process engineers’ problems are and how you can directly solve them.

Sponsoring LARTC: Ask the Experts is for you if:

  • You would like the opportunity to put your brand in front of refinery managers and decision-makers of Latin America’s refineries including YPF, Axion Energy, Ecopetrol, ENAP and Shell CAPSA
  • You need valuable face time with those using your technologies on a daily basis through:
  • You are an industry expert or have a solution that can help plant managers and engineers on topics including FCC, Hydroprocessing, Troubleshooting, Crude Distillation, Coking and more.

For Sponsorship Queries:

Max Michaud-Daniel
Tel: +44 207 384 7983
E: maxence.michaud-daniel@wraconferences.com

Where will your stand be?

If you are interested in having a stand in our Exhibition area, contact Max now by phone +44 207 384 7983 or email maxence.michaud-daniel@wraconferences.com.