Practical Solutions for Process and Maintenance Engineers in Latin America

From the organisers of LARTC (Latin America Refining Technology Conference), the World Refining Association is delighted to bring a new event LARTC: Ask the Experts to Latin America.

After the successful launch of our European Ask the Experts, the Latin American edition will provide the region’s process and maintenance engineers with the opportunity to find solutions to the everyday challenges faced within their refinery and petrochemical plants, by asking technical experts from the region’s leading refineries, technology companies and solution providers.

Refinery Experts

Ignacio Millán

Gerente Departamento Planeamiento e Innovación Downnstream


Patricio Farfan

Director of Refineries


Hernan Pompozzi

Gerente de Performance

Axion Energy

Daniel Monzón


Arthur D. Little

Fabian Lombardi

Process Engineering Manager, Campana Refinery

Axion Energy

Per Zeuthen

General Manager- Catalyst Marketing

Haldor Topsoe

Sergio Padovani

Gerente de Producción

Shell CAPSA- Buenos Aires Refinery

Celso Pajaro

Head of Engineered Refinery Solutions


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